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A Dream I Have Seen

I have a dream that those things we’ve been praying for are getting ready to be seen.

As intercessions have gone forth, the bowls in heaven are starting to lien.

Bringing forward a generation of God-fearing, spirit-chasing, dead-raising, faith-lifting, unhindered, pure fire carriers!

I have a dream that America will once again be a nation that is united!

It will seek the hand of God again to bring it into a place un-divided.

They will stand strong against injustice and resist evils.

As their hearts will be made of flesh again strengthened to new levels.

This nation will see a great light,

As an awakening draws them out of their plight.

Truth will come upon us like a cloud,

Emerging as we rise up from every fear, anxious thought, and doubt.

I have a dream that identities will be restored and revealed!

For in their hearts The Word of God is now being written and concealed.

They will run out to every corner seeking who may come to the banquet hall.

For in the last hour the King has made up his mind to release an invitation to all!

His grace will go ahead as doors are open.

His love will be the warm embrace that they receive as they enter the gates that they find.

And as they prepare, all He’s hoping for is that they put on his white garments.

They’ve already been purchased and are adorned with gems of every kind.

I have a dream that we will see a priesthood who’s been worshiping day and night.

They will step up into a new order one of Melchizedeks right.

As they speak from a place of order,

the Kingdom will flood the earth with angelic hosts to guard her nations borders.

That men and woman will look around and see that next to them stand another human being.

Not another color, not another race, but a child of God shining In His grace.

All sharing the same blood line, measuring red.

All leaning in together as they seek to be fed.

I have a dream that many will be brought into unity with God's divine peace.

Their willingness to submit to Holy Spirit's guidance will bring abundant release!

Heavenly gifts in exchange for their ashes.

Joy will abound and dancing around in colorful sashes!

I hear the liberty bell ringing.

As one in faith stands up to free the captives!

I hear songs that their children are singing.

Giving thanks to God for his righteous motives!

I have a dream that babies in the womb will be given a chance to live.

Each one will witness a greeting into this world of people who love and choose them.

Woman and children will be safe as a generation rises against human trafficking.

No exploitation of the weak as the strong hand of God is rising!

The media will bend knee to the truth, despite of its cost or price.

The agenda of political strategists will no longer entice.

People's hunger for justice and truth will be loosed.

As they yearn for honoring others, the most wonderful fruits are produced.

I see a generation who prays for its government and leaders.

Trusting God could use anyone He sees fit.

Praying He exposes all the lies.

And standing next to the nation Israel which, is the apple of God's eye.

I have a dream that as the prophets line up to speak, we will see sweeping winds enter in, and power lift the words into waves of action!

I see Angels lining the skies as they gain momentum against demonic traction.

Great miracles are being seen again in churches.

As they teach the whole Word and not just the surface.

Revival is being poured out, as God's children are letting out a new sound!

One that has never been heard but is coming from another realm!

I have a dream that I can feel now, I can see now!

It’s no longer one I’m waiting for, but it’s coming forth!

It’s a dream that I can see! It’s a faith I can agree.

So I take a stand and decree this, let heaven now write this down! I agree with everything that was paid for on Calvary!

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