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A New Lens, Pentecost 2020

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

I saw an invitation being handed out for all who would partner with the Holy Spirit in this hour, there will be a stepping into the Supernatural in a new dimension.  A new wave of his power, authority and presence. I see many stopping to look again as they begin to catch glimpses of the burning bush and they are setting their vision on a New calibrated order as God’s divine Clock has been reset!  A new focus has been activated as God’s sons and daughters are being drawn near!

I see a season of God Reaffirming his right arm and delivering his children from the grips of fear.  I see the waters parting as the word of God cuts sharp through to divide And bring a separation between those who are for him and those who are not.  

I see the waters being lifted as offenses are left behind and God’s children walk through the dry ground as they have been cleansed and set apart for the next journey.  Similar to Esthers cleansing as she was being prepared! I see the extreme separation from lies and the eyes of every child being unveiled to see in all truth as they keep walking forward towards the promise, Jesus!  Their lens has a new filter, one of grace and love!

I see the waters flooding over the River banks, no longer will the dams be contained, as the waters are being released to higher levels!   I see Isaiah 35 coming to pass in this hour, and those waters will only take out the enemies who’s pursuit after us Is not successful!  

I see the waters that will burst forth as new springs come alive in the desert Awakening the dry bones back to life again, an awakening like never before seen!  One of a new kind, I see people being brought back to life from the ashes!  I see radical healing of a new level.  I see decrees being made that are being carried with power of the third level! Unstoppable, untouchable and unhindered!

I see God covering our enemies and drawing lines of separation, removing us of all our inconsistent beliefs and bringing us upon a solid faith based on all truth, lines are being drawn in the sand as the separation between past condemnation is being replaced by his Wonderful Grace, covering the Multitude of our sins. As we bend knee and submit our ways to him, I see the repentant hearts being used to usher a change.

I see messengers being sent out to release the new decree!  One of the Kingdom Legislation being established upon this earth!  Great measures of grace being administered to the lost!  I see the fields being ripe and ready for the harvest!  Sons and daughters longing for change are looking up towards heaven and calling for Jesus!

I see an all consuming flame of fire being sent across the globe to rid us of all the dead weight, tares being removed from the wheat as fire burns through the chafes.  

At the opposite side I see a rain pouring as the land is being healed, and I see the Lord releasing wisdom to establish new ecosystems across the globe, (Both physical and spiritual sustainment units being built in this season) to bring growth in the desert soil!  New life, new hope, new promise!  New Kingdom ideas, Awakening! 

I see new garments being released as we draw close to the wedding feast!  I see a unity of brotherly love that’s being released as strong decrees are being sent out!  The prayer of Jesus in John 17 Is being called forth, for us to be made one with Christ, the Father and the Spirit as we love each other deeply!

I see Jews coming into marriage with Gentiles as we witness Ruth and Boaz stepping into the promised covenant to bring forth the manifestation of Gods Glory in Christ and In unity!  One Body equaling one purpose!

I see the bride calling forth her beloved and being filled with more oils for the equipping of many more to come into the Kingdom!  This is a time of great unity!  A time of the greatest outpouring!  Just acknowledge, say Yes, and Receive!  

How do we step into this unity, it starts with one heart submitting to Jesus, one family, then one community, one city, one region, one nation stepping Into Christ Love! Let’s look at things here on earth with the lens of heaven. Let’s begin to decree that which is happening in the realm of peace and bring forth words that are united with God’s truths so that we can begin to see the greatest alignments here on the earth. God is healing our nation, using one word, one action, one family at a time.

May you be blessed and step into everything Jesus has promised over you at this hour!

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