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What's in A Name?

5-3-2022-Today we awoke in Plain City Ohio, we are staying in Pastime Park.

Originally called, Westminster. In 1828 The name changed to Pleasant Valley, then after noticing that there were additional places in Ohio with the same name it was later voted on and changed again to Plain City. I love that this place is anything but plain, there is so much to take in and gather as we ventured around the town.

It’s a place that’s got lots of charm, friendly people and lots of creative edge with art store and dance shops along their main Street! It's also growing quickly which is a sign of restoration, as more people are moving in and beginning to pour into the restoration of the historical areas in the city.

The first lady we met owns the clock shop and has a very interesting store front, with lots of art and decor, lots of character. Papa Roy was on fire as he let the spirit connect him with this lady and the doors just kept springing open, little did we know that this was just the beginning of a day filled with lots of connections. We were able to pray with her as she is also in transition of moving out of her shop, her store will move to an online front in the future. Her building has been leased by another business and will become a local restaurant and pub. We prayed for her lungs and her kidneys to be restored, we can't wait to hear her testimony in the future of how Jesus touched her. She gave us a lot of helpful history about the town as well as pointed us to the nearby local pantry and shelter, where they feed and cloth the hungry.

As we ventured to the old elementary school down the street, we located it by adventuring down street corridors and attempting to open many side/backdoor, ultimately God led us to the front door where we saw a lady through an open window and were able to request a meeting with her, all ordained by the Holy Spirit of course. We found out that this historical building is also being repurposed and is now being used as a ministry called (DNA) Daily Needs Assistance. Their mission is to Love our neighbors and to Act to alleviate poverty as we walk together towards Christ. They have got a mentoring program, kids closet, pantry, pregnancy resource center, and meet needs around the community. Visit their website for more information:

A beautiful lady spoke to us about the current heart of the ministry and she was on her first day of her employment with this ministry. We were able to pray for her new job and for Godly wisdom to shine over her life as she is already being used powerfully by the Lord. We are in prayer that God will allow us to partner with this ministry and bring us back in late August to have a time of ministry and worship under the big barn at Pastime Park. We believe that God has us searching out locations that are going to be set apart for his purpose and presence to be poured out. partner in prayer and lift this up with us to the Lord. This is the day and hour to move forward towards everything that God has purposed for this nation, its land and most importantly it's people.

Our next adventure led us to the old Methodist church down the street. We were surprised to find that is was being refurbished as well, and as we walked in we entered into what appeared to be a music store. The church had moved to a new location and this historical site was being used as a Brass instrument store and music shop. They have kept the cathedral with it's spectacular stain-glass windows in tact as they use that area for some of their performances and recordings. The nice owner of the shop had so much information about the history of the building, and he spoke to us about surrounding communities. What a wealth of knowledge, he also had a way with people and his customers. I could tell this was no ordinary business, it was run and treated like a family and he truly cared deeply for each one of hi customers. As I stood there listening my heart was a little sad that it was no longer a church, however as I listened to the sound of the saxophone being played in a nearby room I was reminded by the Lord of a prophetic word that was given to us by Darby a year ago, he had said, you will see the secular be used for holiness. More about the store:

It was also a confirmation to mama Darlene as she had made note and spoken out in the streets that this place was a very artistic place for artists to use their gifts. What this shop showed us was that the creators were coming to a place of creating for the purpose of shining the light of Jesus over this place and repurpose and a coming back to it's original state. We were joyful to release our prayers and bless the business. What an amazing leadership heart that the owner has. What a beautiful way to reuse the church building. As this shows that God can use anyway he chooses to draw glory to his name.

The next placed we drove to were also led by the Lord, we dropped our information at a few additional churches and then found our way to the ice-cream shop. Oh, what a glorious time to spend together in his delight. We were so excited when he sent us three teenage girls, named Abby, Nora and Hannah. What a wonderful time we had praying and prophesying over each one of these young ladies. As they are in preparation for their finals to be held next week. We were able to just release the word of the Lord over each of these youths. God as a big plan for this generation to be awakened and see his mighty hand move concerning them. Oh, this may have been my favorite part of the day, even if it truly is hard to pick one experience when they are all equally glorious. Serving our King is loads of great fun.

God held the weather the whole day and we were able to come back to our pastime park, we then had a small ceremony for our little guinea pig friend who unfortunately passed away the mid-day prior to our outreach. She had an unfortunate time as she swallowed a piece of a water bottle that broke in her cage and we were unable to save her life. Our Sophia was able to write a poem and release her friend as we placed her body under a tree to rest. It was a difficult evening for our Sophia, but God has his hand of comfort over our little girl and our heart is blessed to serve him with all that we are. Continue to keep our children, family and team in your prayers! We shifted the atmosphere and our whole family went to dance under the gazebo, I think we made a few people smile as the joy of the Lord was being released over this environment. As passerby people just gave us big smiles on their way past the gazebo. The kids played for hours at the playground and hid their Geo-tracking Kingdom treasures for other kids to find. God was able to move so powerfully today and I am just amazed at his hand at word around us in this beautiful place once called Pleasant Valley. I believe that it shall be a place of visitation and in habitation by the Lord. Stay tuned for future even to happen here in mid or late August.

For more information about Plain City visit the following website, where you will be amazed of this town's history. So much more to share......

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