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Called to Shine Across America

Pouring out God’s Love on the Land
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About the Journey

Image by Katja Ritvanen

During the summer of 2021, we embarked on an exciting journey we call "Called to Shine Across America". Earlier that year, we felt that God placed it on our hearts to start preparing for a Holy Spirit led journey across the United States that is fueled by the love that our Heavenly Father has for all people.


After we launched in late July of 2021, the Holy Spirit led us to visit 36 different states since then. It came with many blessings and powerful testimonies about what God did to touch lives, stir up old wells of revival, and sow prayers of freedom and healing over the land and people.  

Many in this nation are seeking hope, truth, and love in these times of uncertainty and strife in the world. 

The Body of Christ is being called to rise up and be the shining lights around the world. 

We invite you to share with us what prayer needs you see in each state, or prayer requests for those states that God places on your heart. 

We are preparing for phase 4 of our journey this Summer (2024), when we plan to travel to several more states, including partnerships with local churches and ministries to host multiple tent revivals at certain locations. 

These events will require a walk of faith and trusting the Lord for all resources, protection, and inspiration, but we know we are called to obedience, so we can see the Kingdom of God manifest on this Earth. This is not just our journey, but an appeal to the heart of families who want to see our nation turn back to our first love (Jesus). Join us as we press in to see reformation unfold in this season. 

Prayers for the States

We feel it is important that we sow prayers into every state before, during, and after we visit a location. We invite you to add prayers of your own for any of the 50 states to our prayer journal by clicking the button below.   

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God is stirring up revival in our hearts! He is bringing the intercessors together in unity.

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Pray that we see generational curses broken off, and removal of addiction from the land.

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Pray for unity and peace across the state. Let revival break out in every corner of the land. 

Current route for phase 4 (2024):
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