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A journey in faith by a ministry team who are sold out for Jesus


Kendall and Audrey are a son and daughter of the Father in Heaven through Jesus Christ, who is living their lives totally and completely sold out for Jesus and His purpose for their life. They has been called to shine and share what He is giving them through writing and publishing His inspiration, revelation, and testimony, all to glorify God.

Involved in life-long ministry, Roy and Darlene are members of the senior leadership at Redemption House Life Center, located in Pasadena, Maryland, where they operate in both the prophetic and apostolic giftings. For over three decades, they have operated an open, free-for-all ministry of worship out of their home, where they have been blessed to witness many signs, wonders, and miracles by those led to sit in what has been lovingly called "The Hot Seat."
Having been abundantly blessed in covenant for thirty-nine years, the Curry's are proud parents of three fantastical children. In addition to having the honor of being called "G.G & Pop Pop" by two marvelous grandchildren, God has bestowed upon them a compassionate love to seek out and embrace the treasures in each one of His children, leading to a growing multitude of sons and daughters in spiritual adoption all over the world.
Whether domestically or abroad, in homes, or in the marketplace, they long to see the fire of God's love and power intercede in every situation and transform hearts and lives. The Curry's are radical lovers of the Trinity and all things and persons Heaven sent. They are impassioned revivalists tasked with raising the next generation of revivalists who understand that it's written in their DNA to operate in the unseen realms to orchestrate God's kingdom on earth. Roy and Darlene have long embraced the sense of adventure God has placed in their hearts and are filled with anticipatory joy as they embark to see the power of prayer mixed with radical love manifesting through them in each of the fifty states of America.