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A Kiss of Heaven

Some experiences are greater than words could form, but I’ll try my best!  I asked the Lord about three years ago, if I could meet Anna Roundtree, he said you will!  Today,  I walked into her home and was embraced by all the Love that heaven could envelope over and inside of flesh.  I entered into an open heaven, which had full love and acceptance, like open arms of the father saying I’m glad you arrived we were waiting on you! And I walked right into His sweetest embrace. wheeeeww.  I dropped everything that I was carrying, every lack, every sword, everything including the battle clothes that I know he gave me. Having been part of the instructing as he prepares us to take the land. There's a time for everything and even if we are to always have our armor on, he reassured me that in Him, up here all Victory belonged to Him already!

He said you won’t need that up here!  He said up here you’re in complete peace and my Shalom will be unto you, I am a safe haven an open door revealing the Fathers perfect Love.  I could see in such brilliant clarity, as if though the whole world’s evil ways didn’t even exist!  Where he is at, there is such a clearing.   I let go of all things and did nothing but worship and marvel at His radiant, effortless, love!  I entered into His deepest Victory!

The atmosphere was full, all I could do was breathe him all the way In! It's as if every fiber of Him was marinated into the air, and he was transfering a deep knowing, like the kind that only happens through the Spirts markings. I was receiving an embrace of God's heart, Him dwelling into mine as he reassured me that I belong in Him!

I was being washed and bathed in his ancient waterfalls!  It’s like I was being taken through rememberance of ever Valley that my Father had lay low and every time he brought me through to recover all, I just wept!  Through my tears I could see the Angels of light all dancing around us in that room. Every tear that fell into my hands had a weight as I could feel the heavy glory upon my hands, increasing! I just marveled at how Good My Father has been and continues to be. I had to bend knee to the King, the Ancient of Days!   I must have gone through a whole box of tissues, not because I was so broken, but because I was so full of gratitude! I just breathed him in. 

I heard him say, I am leading the way as I did with my disciples, it’s not your job to try to figure it out, all you do is keep following my lead.  That's why we're called His followers, we let him go ahead of us and he opens all doors that he sees fit, then he says walk ye this way! Everything is already been paved as you step into His way.  It’s as simple as breathing Him in and letting His Holy Spirit become your full prize, then exhaling all things that ever tried to hold us back!   

He brought remembrance of the movie, The Shack, where Jesus leads Mack into a forest, he is taken to a cabin in the Mountains and is greeted by the Father with such loving arms! The Fathwrcwanted to spend time and hedd asl His wounds. I felt that same invitation being in Anna's home, as if the Father had been waiting for me to enter in and eat from the most delectable table as He had nourishing food that he had just prepared. I ate and communed until I was so fully satisfied! I felt like the moment could have went on a lifetime, so much reassurance was coming over me.

I looked out the window as birds flew across the deep ravines, the heights from which we soared together with Papa as Caleb and His bride worshipped Jesus with such an abandoned love! There was no striving, only abiding and a great unity arose. We were communing together in something brilliant, we were agreeing that our King was worth more to us than anything this world could offer. No one was out of place, in Christ was much room, enough to give us all an opportunity to express our hearts desire for our nation and its destiny. We partook of a sweet communion, one of being His bride seated in His heavenly abode!

Anna prayed with such humility for our nation and its leaders! She lifted up Donald Trump and His family, asking the Lord to protect him and also made reference that his genealogy came from the Hebrides revival. Asked God to bring strength to his family. She lifted Israel in her place Ayer's, heal and protect Israel. She led with such grace, then opened the door for others to pray what was on their hearts!

I heard prayers come out of men and woman who had been broken by watching the enemy still from the  hearts of man kind.  A man stood up who had been a descendant of those who came through the Mayflower as well as he carried the lineage of the Moravian’s. This mature gentlman released a simple yet profound Heart Cry to the Lord, contending for the leading of the Lord over a nation that needs to find their way back to the Father! He spoke of the original intentions and the Fathers Love over our land, he had a breaking happen to his voice as he carried the weight of what was in former times and now what is, but he had a glimmer of hope in his heart of God drawing all things back to Himself.

After other people prayed a woman from the UK saw waterfalls being released over the lands and the living water being taken from the mountain of God into the cities by the gatekeepers and given to the children. Life being released over all who would take of the radiant water. Bursting fourth and creating rivers. It was similar to the waterfall that Holy Spirit revealed to me at the Pioneers conference yesterday, He said enter in and walk with me, we walked along the edge of the waterfall and I kept thinking to myself, am I going to come out of here soaked. It was so tangible and it was restoring all hope back to my bones. He was releasing hope amd breaking through. Into a place of complete breakthrough!

I then released a prayer for America to be brought to its original intent and I lifted up the First Nations people to receive a love and restoration from the Fathers heart. I lifted up the families that will lead with fire and sons who will arise in this coming hour. I prayed with all my heart and released all that God placed upon me!

We communed and felt the pleasure of the Lord!

I will forever treasure the words that Mrs Roundtree spoke over my heart as I took time to receive intimate prayer.

These are the moments of deep alignment. As the Apostolic Movement is rising, may we all take our rightful places in Christ and begin to march together to His desires and strategies, may it come from a place of abiding in Him. Arise oh Shining Ones! Christ is beckoning you to come up and enter into His Rest! I pray you all find that entrance into his humble abode! He is calling you up! Arise!

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