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2023-The Year of Arisen Faith!

This year is going to be a year of great faith rising to the surface of the hearts of men and woman, who have felt resistance and darkness trying to hold them back! They are breaking free into proper placement where Holy Spirit wind may carry them to new territories that they only, yet dreamed. New realities are coming forth in this time, beyond their own abilities. God's children will accomplish more by the Lord's grace in this new year as it is graced with his divine favor and acceleration. As we all connect to the father's heart and walk out in obedience, he is authorizing our plans to be perfectly merged with his plans as revelation is imparted over those who are seeking him earnestly. It's a time to take great leaps that will lead to great strides and enlargement in territory!

The grips and bondage of fear will no longer restrain them as they press into the light and begin to mirror the word that has brought them into a new awareness that now leads into God's delight. As the Lord lift them out of uncertainty, he will shine His rays of light over them to demonstrate the perspective from his view and release a new hope for their future. He wants them to be bridges that will bring others to a deeper awareness of Christ possibilities, emerging into an expanse of the greatness of his Kingdom manifesting his glory upon this earth, through true inheritance being obtained. As those who are in synchronization with his heart, begin to take their places and occupy their lands, regions and territories. There shall be new decrees established in his righteousness, released by his seed, that are imparted over the land set forth to establish Godly reverence over his people and earth.

This is a year for the salt to become even saltier as it has been refined and kept clear of impurities. We will see a distinction between those who are for God and those who are not. Especially in the ministries, those who are truly pressing into the Lord shall carry his radiance and his fragrance, those who are deceiving themselves and others, will no longer be able to find rest, until they turn back from their evil ways and follow Christ with a true heart of worship. As times may draw darker, the weary land is needing rest and so it roars with pain, and people run towards idols looking for comfort but find none instead they grow more weary as fear grips them. The destruction and hunger that is being released by the enemies arrows are being felt by many, as they seem to be fast and furious. However, God's grace is securing his called and chosen, and all who will receive him. There is an entire generation still being courted by a hope string similar to the scarlet cord that hung from Rehabs home, where she had been told to set the red cord upon the home, (representing the protection of the Lord's blood as Christ was to come through her lineage), and keeping the enemy from destroying her and all her family and leading her into an inheritance found in generational blessings.

This is a time that the church shall lift up a higher standard against the enemy, by raising their shields and locking arms, it's unity shall bring about a greater protection. I see many trees lined up together embracing each other as the rains and storms and the winds collide but are unsuccessful. I see deeper roots as many are established upon the word of truth and power, in this hour, that will bring about much shade, releasing peace over those who come seeking shade. I'm reminded of Jonah, in that he told his generation that they first must come to repentance in order to experience the mercy of a good gracious God. I see ministers of fire, going into places and opening hearts and eyes again so that the people can hear the Truth as it sets them free. I see miracles of many entering salvation in the Lord, as their knees begin to weaken in the glory and the awareness of his greatness come over their hearts. Hearts shall be restored and rewired to connect with the father in new wonderful ways.

All the while his children are hungering for power to be restored to the church as they cry out for visitation and habitation. Thus, true branches of his ministry will be brought to the light and enriched by his nourishing presence as there is deeper surrender to Christ. Many will come to realize that they always were the living altar of sacrifice as they lay upon the thrown in surrender. And as they give themselves fully, Holy Spirit will burn his light and a consecration fire will merge with purest oils, so His light could shone brightly! I see son's and daughters arising out of these ashes and into His likeness!

The frequencies of heavenly worship has been calibrated to be at such a precise resolution that will flow down his heavenly orchestra and open the gateways for the impossible to become possible. As worship become our greatest delight, we will see the wars and battles that once made us weary become silenced by the roaring raging rivers of his presence. Every rough, crooked stone lay before us, shall be softened and edged out until it becomes our bridge of passage. Yes, those pebbles that were sent to trip us up will become our building blocks and lay our cobble stone pathways to our father house. Worship will be an instrument to defeat the enemy and our joy shall echo a chord of redemption over all the Land, as God release an authority to have us take it all back. It's a time of reclaiming what is rightfully ours.

Birthing and Breakthrough of great ministries and ministers with pure hearts. The connection of the Kingdom shall have destined outflows being veined together as one, and sent out to many parched lands. Water and springs emerging in the weary desolate places. A scaled abandoned land will once again be filled with the splendor of the Lord. The angelic hosts sent to release the blueprints from the heavenly libraries as new scrolls are given to the sons to eat. I see resolute voices being tuned to no longer be seen as noise, static or echo's but pure channels to carry the authority and blessing from the heavenly realm. Entrusted with much, because they will only speak out of what the father is truly saying. Not moved by man's opinion but moved by God's holy spirit.

I perceive this to be a time when woman are stepping into their authority and understanding that they are intricately made with a purpose and plan to release the Lord's healing and restoration. I keep hearing Deborah's will stand up and help to lead with wisdom and strong leadership. Esther's will take their places and legislate Kingdom government up the land. Ruth's will inherit the lands that were our fathers gift and redemption will draw many to his grace. The womb will no longer be a point of contention and strife, but an embrace for life to be protected and honored. Life will be seen in all it's value, as the brilliant release of the Lord's love meets every daughter in her quiet place, leading her heart to a softened state. The strife of trying to make it ahead on her own, will result in a deeper understanding that Christ is her beloved strength, he wants her to be there at the rising to view his resurrection Power. Daughters will be filled with dreams and visions and flourish like kingdom flowers in fields leading to great rest.

I see families and caravans traveling together to speak the word and reach out to the fatherless. I see children having dreams and visions and speaking words of wisdom over the lands and it's people. And just as the word goes out it will open the ears and eyes of those who have been hurting for the truth. And as my son revealed in his dream last night, I see pathways leading us into the deepest revelation pools. Where we can swim in the Lord's revealing waves. Then being drawn by the spirit to see fields along our journey ripening and ready for the harvest. A receiving of God's equipping by having our motor wheels prepared so that our journey may be enjoyable and productive. So we can travel at much greater speeds and touch more who need the Lord. Not forgetting to have fun as he releases great joy as we work in partnership with our children. Then coming back to our churches and letting them also partake of the journey and pathways we have found.

I see the sleeping giant of revival already untied as he now stands and is awakened from his slumber. He holds his hands back as he is ready to let out a shout, that will shake the ground around and beneath him and bring many to an awareness, that Christ is King! I see a holy fear rolling like a cloud of thunder, as many bend knee to Jesus, and relinquish self, agendas, plans, image, promotion, identity and are drawn to see themselves in Christ again. I see Christ seated at the hearts of his betrothed, giving all a chance to get it right as he holds back time for just another while.

This is a time of great convergence, where the word of God is coming to a point of fullness, and every word spoken is being fulfilled as our saviors coming is nearing. There shall be so many arrows pointing to the savior as his creation is getting ready to be revealed in higher levels. The release of powerful decrees that the holy remnant has issued into the nation, is potent and being carried by angelic hosts that are aligning around the earth. The saints are heightened and getting ready for the next step, the greatest manifestation of his sons being revealed as they walk into revelation of his goodness. His goodness, becoming their portion and delight as well as their flourishing expression as it's shared with many who have sight. This is a call higher, the Lord is doing so much with your Yes, he will propel you forward just take the leap and let his presence be expressed!

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