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Prayers over NY City

As we obeyed the Lords call we came to NY City and joined a group of fiery intercessors, who all had a heart to see NY saved and healed. That same day we heard God say it's a simple Godpel but many have missed it, like Reinhardt used to preach about the power of the blood of Jesus. As our team neared the City and got ready to Cross the Hudson Bay the Word we received was it's not going to be hard warfare, but you shall enter riding on my coattail, the train of my robe shall fill the whole City. It's because His timing for New York is now. What an amazing time praying with Saturate, as Jessica and Parker Green and a couple of other Pastors from various locations lifted the name of Jesus over the City, it was an act of humility as we repented together and prayed for three major points over the City, ultimately for a city to turn around.

Four points that were covered, included: Abortions and healing over those who have gone through one, we prayed and repented together then prayed for healing. Secondly, we prayed against addiction of drugs and humanly fixes we asked the lord to fill every void so that His Sons and daughters hunger after God. Third, we released peace over the city and prayed against pornography and the spirit of lusr to break off of people. That they would have a heart after God. Lastly we prayed against greed, we prayed for there to be a release and break off of the spirit of the love and pursuit of selfish gain. It was mentioned that like a modern day Nineva none would mourn for the turnaround that this City shall take as the Lord reveals His love to this city. We came into an agreement for a great unity to come upon every church in the City. We then took communion as a body and consecrated our hearts before the Lord, again in prayer it was shared that The simple truths will be filled with Power again like late Evangelist Reinhardt Bonnke's time, and many shall be saved in America.

We received powerful prayer and word from pastors from The Salt Church NJ, who were led to pray for our family and the release of God’s provision over our lives. What a wonderful time seeing friends, we had met in North Carolina. We were able to gather outside the church for a couple minutes and prophecy over a couple individuals.

The number 611, which God highlighted to me as we're driving through downtown area, was a representative of Man having a turnaround. We believe that this City will have a radical shift and turn their hearts back to God. We are excited that the Saturate team will be there all week and has plans to take back the city through evangelism, if you are near NY City you should join them on Saturday.

To our wonderful surprise this day was exactly 165 years since the Fulton Revival revival (business mens revival)had taken place on the streets of New York City. Do it again lord and May there be more Glory so that millions will come to know Jesus! See link for more on revival:

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