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Just Be Kind in Cataract, Indiana

5/5/22-Finding God through his beautiful creation in Indiana. As we were driving into our retreat center in the nestled farm country lands of Indiana, we came across various signs that read, Just Be Kind! It made me smile when we got to our campsite and found a beautiful farm nestled between a couple of lakes which wrap around the place like an island in the middle of a haven. To our surprise next to it is a barn filled with animals which made our hearts so swell with life. We walked around the corral and found a side was roped off, as a section is prepared for bees and a sign that reads do not go past this point as bees will sting to protect their hives. Which made me smile as it was a complete opposite of the signs all over town that read, Just Be Kind, LOL! God was speaking to me through bees!

The joy that both children have had is glorious, they have been petting the farm animals for a whole morning and evening. Especially the friendly cats that love the attention and milk every second of the pats and pets. They have a great variety of animals including; horses, sheep, goats, chickens, pigs and a miniature horse. It's been a peaceful stay and very much a time spent with God's creation.

After visiting the Lower falls and hiking through a half mile of trails leading to the upper falls, we were pleasantly surprised by the spectacular views of the glistening, roaring water falls. After hiking up the trails, it began to rain lightly, which to my splendor is always a symbol of God's sweet overflow over the land that he wants to nourish and bless, this land has been saturated well. I had a nice jog back through the trail to locate our van and found our group nestled under a shelter. We came upon an area which had an antique well, and a historical bridge that is in the same park area and we went inside to pray while the rain subsided. made some powerful decrees at Cataract Falls, Indiana. A couple points I remember praying for included;

  • Spiritual sight to be opened for the people of Indiana. For Cataract area more eyes to be opened and increase sight of the Lord.

  • Restoration and healing over the Land and it's people.

  • For the increase of God's fear to come over the land.

  • For the crime rate to be decreased in the city and towns and for the Lord to release his angels to guard the hearts of men.

  • Rest in a place where there is a fast past movement especially in the capital of Indianapolis. Prayed for the farmlands to have rest and be fully replenished so that food could be nutritious.

  • Prayed for a landing of the Lords presence upon the state so that their could be amazing takeoff for new leaders to enter into the state government that have a love of God.

  • Prayed for the education and universities to be increased in Godly wisdom.

  • prayed for new wells to be unearthed and God's continued watering of the land.

  • For the Lord's Honey to come upon the land as a nectar, his goodness. For the Lord to spiritually pollinate the land through his Glory and through our decrees and planted prayers.

  • For more details on our prayer decrees please visit our facebook page Called to Shine.

God then confirmed that this place is the Niagara Falls of Indiana! Spiritually we declare that all the rural places will see a great light as Jesus visit the people and revive their hearts and his land again. Our Called to Shine team stopped at a local Saloon, Cataract Lake Lodge and lifted the name of Jesus in a bar, asked all the people who were there for a mid-day buzz if they had any needs for prayer. They were in silence for a while, then we released the blessing of the father to bring each one of them and their families into a deeper knowing and account of His goodness. We blessed them and spoke the Lord's love and life into their homes, families and hearts. It was really a rush to partner with Holy Spirit, we believe that the Lord will shift that saloon and turn things around. We saw the lady bartender get super excited at the mention of Jesus!

Then we headed out to enjoy food at Cook's Corner, where we met the nicest couple who own the Cafe and we fell in love with their tender hearts and amazing food. We were able to bless them in prayer and encourage them in the Lord. They were glowing with the Light of Jesus, and by the end of our time there, they sent us off with a bag of amazing tomatoes and happy smiles. This is by far the best place to get breakfast, lunch or dinner. The pancakes and omelets were amazing, I am still dreaming of the delicious food we ate there. If you are ever in Indiana, this place in near the center point of the state and is amazing, a must try, should be on diners, drive-ins and dive. Address: 3998 N Bowling Green Poland Rd, Poland, IN 47868. Lastly, we ended our day with a bike-ride around our whole campsite, there must be over 500 other campers around this community which made for lot's of bike trails around two huge lakes. Pray for us to have an open door to minister on Saturday under the open barn area.

Thank you for your continued partnership in praying and standing with us in faith, for the US and every state along the way. We believe that this is our time for us all to shine the radiant light of Jesus over our nation and it's beautiful people. We want ever place we go to, to feel the Love of Jesus and to know His goodness. If you would like more information please view our partners tab and give us your contact info so that we can stay connected with you. Blessing in Christ Love!

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