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New Year 2021, I Speak A Release of God’s Love and Unity.

This is a year of radical setup, divine strategic alignment, Godly partnerships and friendships, all across the globe. Sons and Daughters coming together for kingdom purposes. This unity will allow heaven to touch down with God’s purposes. I see deep friendships with Christ and each other, just as Jonathan and David put their lives into God’s hands to help each other fulfill a higher calling. So it shall be with brotherly love this year, it will be a year of seeing new ministries and callings birthed out of a place of partnership and deep love.

A release is coming from the grip of intimidation and fear, where the enemy has tried to grip this world using fear, there will be a friend in our midst (Holy Spirit) that is stepping in to intercede on our behalf. He will hold back the arm of the enemy and he will stand in the gaps. He will bring us out from places of hiding, within the caves, as we are given the signal of three arrows leading us to run ahead, away from harm and death. Just as Jonathan did with David, he told him “the arrows are up ahead, keep going forward” to his servant as a sign for David to go somewhere else. The Lord is pouring out his wisdom over his Sons and daughters, that they may advance with the resurrection power to leave old ground behind and accelerate faster than before into new territory. 1 Samuel 20:21-22

God is releasing new bread for our journey. It will be fresh manna, Holy bread. For the journey He sent us on will require a true heart of consecration, to remain in his presence daily. He will turn the things that were hard in the past into a flowing river of life. The daily manna that he provides will be fresh for the day’s assignments. His presence will be increased as we are in communion in this secret place. We are to be awake and fully connected to partake of this gift. In this place, He does not want our burnt offering, but as is said in Amos 5:24 “Instead, I want to see a mighty flood of justice, an endless river of righteous living.”‭NLT‬‬

Along with the word of revelation and light, The Lord will equip all his warriors with the sword of Goliath, and we will take out all our enemies with the truth of Christ in us hope of all Glory. The word of truth will make his way deeper in us and through us! The enemy's own weapons will be turned against him and all the things he’s come against you with will be used to destroy his own army. Jesus has the upper hand, through your humility and steady yielding, He will bring an increase. You will see his power and his authority as you stay in position.

The Prayers and heart’s cry of God’s people have entered heaven like a mist. God has seen the affliction that has brought many to repentance and He has seen the hand of anger as the enemy has been afflicting our nations. He will drive away our enemies from around us. The Lord will reply, as He did in the book of Joel, He will send new grain and new wine and olive oil, enough to satisfy our needs. As I hear in Joel 2:21: in this hour Do not be afraid, land of Judah; be glad and rejoice. Surely the Lord has done great things! As we keep rejoicing in Him he will keep sending the autumn rains and the spring rains. And we will be in gratitude, for God is giving his children back what was lost to the swarming locusts, the hopping locusts, and the stripping locusts and the cutting locusts. He is restoring our lands as we seek Him first and keep our eyes upon Him first.

This year we are moving into mountaintop encounters, which will bring elevation to our sight, our hearing and our movement. Our prayers are above the earth's atmosphere and are releasing new dimensions of his Kingdom. Get ready for an acceleration, church. Things are moving faster, deliveries of ministries are being assigned, brought by the Spirit. As God has released angelic hosts that are purposed to get you to new ground quickly to fulfill his plans and promises on this earth.

Take new territory, hold ground, and keep steady! As we keep serving and honoring God and others, we will see his Glory come down like a mist covering all ground and we will dwell in his goodness this year. New miracles, new signs, and new wonders shall appear. Amen.

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