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What are you Singing?

What song are you singing? Is it an old country Song 🎶 or is it a firey song about revival?

Have you let the Spirit of God speak the creators love into your heart? ❤️ It will transfuse your DNA! It will bring a clarity over your vision and reset the old ways of sight into a lens calibrated for pioneering new terrain.

His Love will invigorate your pores to receive a hightened awareness of 💧 mist dripping from heaven releasing sensation of awakening for the first time!

His compassion will come upon you for His hurting and lost sons/daughters so that you can become the instrument to pour over them the ointments for the healing of the nations!

Jesus will call your name and remind you that He first chose you and loved you while you were still a mess in full disgrace before he unwound you from those grave clothes!

An edict will go forth for the angelic hosts who have lined the skies to be released and partner with you in uncharted ways, as you open your your mouth to speak His word, it goes forth to complete its purposes in your life!

The Roar of the Lion of Judah is heard for miles out and the Heat is felt as your enemies run and scatter before they melt. There’s only one song I hear! That’s the song of the Lion roaring, the eagle soaring, the Ox plowing, the Man in Christ beholding His Creator!

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