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A time to cleanse

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

In my dream I was working on a project, many people were working from their homes on the same thing.

People all around us were working on similar things they were sorting through their homes and organizing and putting things in order, I passed into my grandmas house and saw that she was pulling out old things, she pulled out an old pumpkin which had old candy in it and she was trying to throw it away or remove it. I saw my cousin in the dream also sorting through old things, she was trying to give away an old pair of pants. It was a cleansing and deep purging going on all around. I think this represents a cleansing over the hearts of our nation. A purging of the last generations idols and a restructuring of the families across the nation. No longer will they be compromised to allow false idols or the spirit of Halloween into their homes. It was all being removed. Amen!

I saw president Trump pass by and I heard the Lord say give him a message. I didn’t know what the message was. So I went behind him and asked him if I could tell him something important. He said not now, I’m working on something and I only have a short time here. I continued to follow him and noticed that he was building a team for a new project or assignment. I followed him and asked again as I felt that he was about to leave. I said please give me a few minutes of your time you really need to hear this.

As he turned to look at me he sighed and said ok, make it quick! He put all his binders down on the table and gave me his attention, it was very intense as he focuses very intently on every word I had to say! So I begin to speak, I told him there are two things I have to tell you, and the first was a word from the Lord. I still didn’t have the word, it’s as if God let me wait right up until the second that I began to open my mouth to speak.

I began-Mr. President when I first came to you and asked if I could speak, you said no I am too busy, so I waited patiently, so I followed you and lingered a bit looking for another opportunity. Then I attempted to speak again and you stopped what you were doing and took time to listen and said, speak but make it quick, you have turned and allowed the Word of God to be spoken, so this is the word: you have been surrounded by lies in the White House, there are many people who hate you and are trying to get rid of you, they are speaking what they think you want to hear. They would like to see you removed, they are not for you! They are against you and making things harder.

There is coming a time very soon that you are going to have people around you that are sent from the Lord that will not be afraid to tell you what the Lord is really saying! They will not be compromised by fear or lies, but instead they will be caring the fire of the Lord. Don’t worry Mr. President you will know them when you meet them, they will be revealed and shown to you. They will help you succeed! God has sent them. They will speak the truth.

Then I realized that I had more to tell him about the project we were working on but I realized we had run out of time. I looked across the room and I saw my sister standing from a distance and she was in direct eye contact to me, she nodded as if to tell me ok, a confirmation that our time was up. So I told him you must get going before you are late to your next meeting or someone notices you stepped outside to let me speak. Then he grabbed all of his folders and papers and begin to walk out the door and into a hallway headed to an aircraft. I was walking behind him as he was leaving, when all of a sudden he turned around and walked back towards me.

He grabbed a pen and wrote the number three on my hand! I couldn’t believe it! Then he said your coming with us! I then realized that I was going to be part of the team that would be representing the next project. I was so excited I could barely contain myself, but also felt a bit of, oh my what have I gotten myself into! (I believe this is a representation of faith filled believers who are filled with Gods Spirit that will be called higher at this next season.) I can’t seem to remember what the project was about, but I feel that it had to do with the restructuring of the nation after we come out from our homes, after the Corona virus subsided and is washed! So, I’m praying and asking the Holy Spirit to bring to my remembrance what the project was fully about. I then awakened as my husband spoke to me!

As I was reflecting on the dream I realized that the three that he wrote on my hand, could represent the coming resurrection Sunday, as we are now nearing Passover and Easter! I believe that God is building up prophetic voices that will be so precise that they will be the next Ezekiels or Jeremiahs of the Land and will only speak what the father is truly saying, without compromise. I believe they are being chosen even now as this time has brought many to a place of deep surrender and seeking God with all their hearts! I believe that God‘s plans for the next season will be a rebuilding like Nehemiah’s time, we will be restored by his plans as a reset Is activated, all by following his every move.

Let us pray for our president and for those he’s listening too! Let us pray for the nation to be cleansed deeply and not keep holding on to any idols. Let us pray that our hearts are prepared to step into the New with a fresh fire from God! Let us pray that there is no compromise in us of fear or doubt! That we speak everything that the father asks, no more, no less! Let us pray that we’re all prepared to step into our calls in all areas God calls us into as the assembling takes place! Let us pray for Resurrection power to fall upon the hearts of all of God’s children! Consecrate you’re people Lord and set our hearts towards the truth! Bring our nation under your wing and heal the land! We need you! Amen!

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