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Called Higher in North Carolina!

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

Many times God will take us way back to the beginning in order to teach us about the New things to come. While traveling it was recommended to us by our amazing intercessors in Florida Arabella and Wesley Weaver, to consider visiting Fields of the Woods in NC, boy are we happy we went.

It was a hidden God gem, with so much of God’s presence that it surely was a place of prayer and deep encounter. We visited the store on site and met an amazing woman (Gate Keeper)who knew lots of history and was anointed for this time to release fresh oil in preparation over The Saints strategically brought to these Holy mountain tops to encourer God. (The encounter was of a different level, as she prayed and anointed us with fresh Azusa oils that came straight out of the revival). We almost could not stand after the Glory of God came into the room. Wow!

We ascended the mountain and walked up a stairwell that led us to the prayer Point. When we arrived the top we all took time to listen and pray, it was a time that we were all drawn near to the father heart, we shared our hearts and tears and all I can say is after we prayed in high unity for the nation we received a fathers sun kiss before decending the Mountain 🏔. Jesus covenant love and blessing surely are found on this mountain.

Our team obeyed the call and took a side hike to a location known as the Shearers School House a landmark where the first documented revival in the US took place.

we also visited the Holy Ghost history marker that also shared this story. God shared with us his heart of wanting to pour out fresh oil over these Mountains. We released repentance and forgiveness over this land and prayed for everything our hearts heard from the Lord. We believe this place will see a new visitation of a greater magnitude. People will line up to come up the Mountain in hearts of true repentance and enter into His presence. There were new Wells ready to be opened and old Wells needing to be unearthed.

We pray a release of God’s fresh oils over your lives. We pray that you will increase in hearing from God and we pray fresh oils will prepare your wineskin to be refreshed by the release of The latter rain. We pray healing over your Whole being. May Jesus love fI’ll you to overflowing measures. Amen!

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