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Called to Shine

We can try our whole lives to be small lights shining in a dark place.

We trim our wicks in hope that what fuel we’ve gotten is adequate.

Did we reserve enough, save up over time.

Do we have plenty to spare when others around us seem to be running low!

It’s as if the echoes of the ten virgins who all were supposed to be ready is heard.

Then the bridegroom arrives and finds that only half have truly taken heed of being filled with oil for any moment.

The unprepared were slumbering while they waited.

The wise five had taken initiative to buy plenty of oil for the wait.

So when the time came, and the announcement was made, “The bridegroom has arrived!“

Those five wise virgins entered into the wedding gate and were united with their betrothed.

As for the unprepared, they were not let in! They missed the moment, their lights grew dim!

I want to look beyond the rainbows 🌈 edge.

I want to see prisms of color not yet seen. I want to hunger and thirst after his righteousness!

I want to be filled up with his oil, until my cup overflows and starts to lean!

To be poured out, as he first became.

He gave up all his rights and transferred over his life for us.

There is no greater light than this, the One who Is, just like the supernova of our Lord Jesus!

Just as a seed had to lay its’ life or as a star had to burn out in order to bring in a new birth right!

And as he takes us from the dust and breathes his life into our lungs.

Then blesses us with a arch or bow above our heads.

A covenant and promise to come, that promised he would not bring a worldly flood again.

He speaks out his banner of love that now hangs above our heads. As His Beloved!

And through it all, The great, I am! Has shown his great light, through Jesus Christ, he sent his son for us, to be an invitation.

Into a sonship that would redefine who’s we truly are.

When we look up and see the sun, shining in its brightest form.

We can marvel at the grand expanse that life in him is born!

Oh how glorious! Oh how bright, the infinite splendor of our father! Brings me delight!

I want to stand and be his prism, pouring out all of His purest light.

Let us come into full submission, come down from the tree and let Jesus Visit our home.

Let his radiance fall upon our lives to shift us into a radical transformation.

Together let us arise, shine as the children he has called us to be!

For in him we will find out that there’s so much more he’s been wanting us to see! He’s been wanting us to fly above the clouds, where the eagles nest.

It’s in him that we are able to find shalome, his rest.

So become the conduits you were chosen to be! Shine his light so that others can see! Step up, there’s a place up high where he needs the lights to be. Be filled with him, let your confidence in him grow as you trust in Him alone. So that the whole house can be lit! 🔥 🔥 🔥

Let us be, as He Is! All light! Amen!

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