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Churning the Waters of 2020

Updated: May 6, 2020

As we have entered 2020 with expectation and excitement about what God is doing right now, and will be doing this year, we hear the churning waters of His presence. We feel his eagerness to move, waiting for his people to say YES to Him and his plan and purpose. As we have been in prayer during New Years, we feel Him stirring up the deep waters of our spirit and of the body of Christ to rise up and shout His Name and His Glory from the mountaintop!

We wanted to share this poem that Audrey was inspired by the Holy Spirit to capture this week! Be Blessed!

Do you hear the flood watered being released.

Do you see the title waves that are emerging.

All of Gods children are rising up.

Standing up, Shaking up, the waters are churning.

As they won’t led up!

Your faith is causing the waters to stir around.

It’s just like Bathesdas pool coming into a bubbling sound.

Do you see a hand stretching out, as Jesus looks out to see if Faith is found. “Do you want to be made well, He says?”

He sees the face of a man who’s been suffering for far too long.

His journey has been so lonely, he feels left behind.

It’s as if the world was left witnessing all that ever went wrong.

It’s in Jesus that he is reminded of the hope and loving kindness.

Of a father that knows every sorrow.

Who’s looking to invest in his tomorrows.

I can imagine as he glares at the waters this New day, he’s looking at a different reflection staring back at him. It’s one of a man that’s smiles again, a man that stand upright. No longer shameful, wounded and afflicted. But restored!

For now stands one next to him, who took it all from him, every burden lifted.

The reflection holds an image of a wooden cross.

Nails that would inflict Him.

A puddle of red blood 🩸 that had to be shed in order to transfer a new image.

A New creation, A New reflection.

I see a new Man standing near that pool.

One who’s been freed into a life of resurrection.

One who stand tall because he’s found a new direction!

He’s encountered the love of the waters churning.

Within His heart are New fires burning.

The pool is now one of living waters

pouring through him and unto others!

So are you willing to be healed, set free and delivered?

Then rise up, it starts with a strong stand.

Stand against the fear, shame and evil that’s trying to sway the heart and the land.

Move away from the contempt, which grips the heart of man.

After you’ve surveyed the land in silence and marched around in prayer,

then let out a big shout!

Jobs friends even in good intentions went silent for seven days, in mourning for their friend.

Standing by him trying to comfort his frail sad heart!

But as we open our mouths let’s not be quick to judge one of our fellow brothers. Only God knows deep truths, that bring healing to the roots of every man.

Let’s rise up and stand and take our mats aside, let our comforts go!

And run wherever the Holy Spirit leads us!

Let’s become leaders who take on Territories for the Kingdom!

How? By taking one step to stand up!

Rise up.

The world awaits,

Sons and daughters to come awake!

Waves have begun,

As you started to run!

No more waiting, it’s time!

Click below to hear the recording:

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