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Cleansing and Deliverance of Lake Shawnee Amusement Park, WV. (Top ten haunted sites) 9-15-2021

Any place that tries to draws attention away from God’s beauty and majesty, and steers to the opposite appeal needs a spiritual cleansing. This place has been a huge attraction for years to the paranormal and not a good site at all. So on the day of Yom Kippur, the Holiest day of the Jewish year. we were not surprised when we found ourselves outside the camp facing the grounds that needed the Lord’s atonement and cleansing.

We prayed next to the site and repented of the sins of the past, as the grounds had a very tragic history. The family who bought the site in the 1700s we’re the Clays, they had 14 children. The history is told that the Natives attacked the farm and killed two children and kidnapped another to burn at the stake. The family and town retaliated and in revenge killed many natives.

Later in the 1920s a man name Snidow bought the land and turned it to an Amusement park, unfortunately it was only open for a short while as there were 6 fatal accidents on site, very bizarre, eventually the park was closed down. Then repurchased again, the new owners began digging the site to remove the park rides, it was then discovered that the whole ground was built on an old native burial ground, and many bodies of small children were laid to rest on this ground.

We prayed from our place in heaven where God has granted us authority over the land. Our team of three blew the shofar three times to cleanse the air! We anointed our heads with oil of protection and then took communion (the body and blood of Christ) and placed communion on the ground. We released the land of all evil in Jesus name and forgave the sins that have took place that caused the unrest. We released peace and angels to war and cleanse the land. We poured anointing oil on the soil and spoke the blood covering as well as the Name of Jesus Christ to release deliverance and healing as well as restoration. We took time to cancel the spirit of darkness, revenge and outrage over the region, city and state. During our prayers momma Darlene noticed a hummingbird just fly over and hover near us, it was a beautiful symbol of a messenger sent from heaven to bring healing, wisdom and endurance. They also are attracted to flowers and life. So we continued to speak like over the whole community. We spoke healing over all who have been oppressed or hindered in any way. We spoke this land to become another resting place where the Lord can come enter in and habitats to live among his people. We released dreams visions and encounters with God on this land. And all who come seeking the spiritual dry Wells will find God Wells overflowing with love and life instead of anything else, but he would fill them with his peace and love.

Then the sweet Holy Spirit led us towards a place called peaceful Valley and it was the most beautiful lodge next to a river. After looking at the water and The Valley we spoke healing over the economy of the state of West Virginia as there are many mines closed right now, and jobs are needed. We passed a beautiful school called Spanishburg and we released new hope and Godly wisdom over the children of this place. We released the Fathers good blessings over the people of this state. We believe this place will begin to see a turn around in employment and in peace. May God‘s word be established upon this place and may there be a spring of living water that leads to revival over Princeton West Virginia, that will be a watering trough to all of the state. Amen!

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