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God Shines Over The City in Jacksonville FL!

On August 25th our Called to Shine team entered Jacksonville FL, we saw many homeless people walking and laying on the streets, we saw that there is great need for restoration in these areas, but to our good surprise we did see some missions and recovery centers set up along the path to reach those lives. The Beautiful old church district we were drawn to pray for had quite a charm to it.

God had given papa Roy a vision the night before as we were in prayer and that morning momma Darlene woke up seeing a row of churches. I also got vision that we would be inside an old church praying for the city. So when we arrived we had our navigation set to visit ST John Cathedral, so we knocked on every church door, but they were all closed. We almost got into the Prespeterian church, but God rerouted us and took us all the way to ST John’s, where a servant of the Lord was waiting at the door. After speaking with him and sharing our assignment he felt led to open the doors for us, we were let in to pray! Praise God He opens doors no man man can close! It sure was a powerful, Spirit filled experience standing in the middle of a sanctuary of stained glass, wooden relic, anointed and historic soil. We also realized that it’s the highest geographical point for the City. Talk about praying from the Mountain and calling the place and people higher.

We all released our prayers and broke off the strongman and Idols that have been disturbing the City. One Islamic temple near by, is now for lease, we asked the Lord to release it for the Kingdom restoration purposes to help give rest to the homeless, then we broke off the principalities blinding people at the Masonic Lodge near that area, we decreed God as the highest power having dominion over all the City snd State. There is no power higher than the Lords Power!

We also had seen a VyStar Memorial Arena just a few blocks away, so we called out the revival hub that will be planted in Jacksonville Fl for bringing all the lost to know Jesus!

We all were truly blessed to pray for his chosen ones along the way. The innkeeper of the church was extremely touched and said we had truly encouraged him. A few homeless men were loved on and we felt God’s sweet peace come over us all! Our God is able to do all things. We call out his power and love over Jacksonville and we call his prodigals back home.

We ended the day with a grill out outreach, we asked the campers passing to join us and offered prayer and hope to all. Thank you Jesus for your grace and peace! Amen!

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