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Let Us Be, As He Is!

If we, if we are able to sing for joy for the things that make us happy on this earth.

Then why, then why can’t we let out a great shout for the victory that came from Calvary’s mount!

If we, if we can chat for hours with a friend online. We use Facebook, Twitter and mans latest design.

Then why, then why won’t we draw near to Jesus, let him hear about our day. He’s meant to be our dearest friend he’s the only one that matters at the end, it’s about him and how his friendship extends!

If we, if we can spent countless hours watching our favorite shows. We’re gripped to imagination, lies, it’s all so theatrical.

Then why, then why won’t we plug in to heavens flow, the truths about an everlasting kingdom leaping off the pages of the word! It’s truth that will change us, rearrange us if we open up our hearts!

If we, if we say that we’re children of freedom and light.

Then why, then why are we walking with chains that grip us, we’re searching for answers and we don’t know where or why!

If we, if we know how to give good gifts to our children! We buy all that our money can get.

Then why, then why won’t we acknowledge that the greatest gift cant be bought but came at the highest price! Let our children know that it’s their hearts benefit to receive Christ, the greatest prize!

If we, if we can smile and laugh about the small things in life. The jokes shared, the beers we cheers, tipped chairs. Pleasures found in this place, look good at first and follow with disgrace.

Then why, then why won’t we receive the joy that only comes from the fathers fresh breath. His spirit gives gifts that flow freely, and don’t come with displeasure or sunken regret.

If we, if we can dance at the first sound of music. We find love and sway with arms and legs filling our ears and heart with symphonic talents!

Then why, then why won’t we let our hearts dance before Gods alters, join the angelic hosts that dance for him day and night. David knew that there was a heavenly orchestra and he was a beating drum before his king!

If we, if we can spend our days wages on things that add to our comfort. We buy more, preserve for our own, add to our shelves. Keep increasing our worldly arrangements leading to a storehouse of wealth.

Then why, then why are there widows and children starving. It’s beginning to look alarming, children no longer find compassion. This is not heavens intent!

Let us be, Let us be moved to be used, gripped by heavens expanse.

Let’s us be, let us be, able to stand, able to fill the gaps. Intercede for the least of them, the child or mom who lost everything and now needs a friend to lend a hand.

Let us be, let us be alert, awake and seeking the heart of our creator who has given it all so that we can find him.

Let us be, let us be in love with his heart and with it comes his great reward. To know him, to become like him and to have an eternity that awaits us!

Let us be, let us be just as he is! Found in him, lost on him and Rocked by him. Jesus! He’s the one! He’s our great reward!

Let us be, who he’s made us to be! His very own, loved! 💗 💗 💗 made to change things!

click the link below for the audio read aloud of the poem! Blessings in Christ!

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