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Our God Reigns over the Shenandoah Mountains, VA (Sept. 17-20, 2021)

From coast lands and valleys to hills and and high peaks our Lords name is lifted high above all this nation. There is no name greater than Jesus Christ. We have proclaimed his name everywhere we have gone, may his word be established upon the hearts of all men, woman and children!

We arrived to the Skyline Ranch Resort and found a beautiful community nestled in the cove on the edge of the Shenandoah Mountains. To our surprise a beautiful chapel was situated right in the middle of the whole resort, after inquiring if they had available services, they extended an invitation to our team if we would like to host a service. Our hearts were filled with great joy as we entered the small chapel, we knew it was ripe and had been saturated in much prayer.

As we took time to walk the camp and meet people along the way, we noticed the camp had much needs for restoration and healing. Much opportunity for God to work here, We noticed there was a beautiful symbol of life in two measures. First we met a couple named Chris and Christine that were to be married on site that Friday, next we heard there was a baby shower celebration the very next day. This showed us that God was drawing new life and intimacy with us by blessing this place. We prayed over the couple getting married and a few of their relatives. We also met a beautiful lady named Carol, who worked at the grill, she informed us that many have been praying for revival for the past 30 years over this place. It has definitely been soil that’s been prepared in prayer and we felt the most ripened soil. It’s kind of a bit electric, as when lighting is getting ready to strike. I believe the move of God is ready to touch down in great measures and Power over this Mountain top.

So we held service on Sunday and were truly blessed to meet those whom God sent our way. They were a blessing to us and I believe we will hear testimony of God’s release in healing virtue over their lives.

This was a harder place to leave as I truly felt God’s heart of love for those who are here And who are eagerly awaiting a greater move. Our team also knew that this was our last stop before we return to our home church (Redemption House Life Center) in Pasadena Maryland for rest and to replenish our hearts in Christ. We are excited to be home again and connect with our friends. Thanks for all the prayers. May Gods keep his hand of blessing over you all on your journeys!

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