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Preparing the Bride

In my dream I had just arrived at a beautiful resort or town. It was a place for royalty, everything around us was lush and blooming. I visited the central location and realized that it was a place for weddings. I looked around and saw that there were beautiful gardens already blooming, with outdoor chairs set up around tables outlying the main standing area. The entrance was covered with an archway which was greeting us as we walked through the path leading into the garden. It was so beautiful that it barely needed any work as it was already set for a grand event. Then I began to ask around, “what event am I here for, it must be important?” Then I heard a voice in my dream say, "it’s your wedding day and it begins in thirty minutes." Immediately, it came to my memory that all the things I had brought were for my wedding. So I quickly went back to my car and looked around to find all my things and prepare, I realized that I did not bring my wedding dress, dread came upon me. As I looked outward I saw a lot of people I recognized. My friends and family were each getting their own things down and preparing to head to the gardens. Instantly I saw my mom and sister from a distance and realized that I could ask them to help me find a wedding dress, but it would have to be quickly. I ran towards them and was pretty shaken as I shared with them that I needed help, they would have to stall the wedding while helping me to find the wedding dress. They agreed and called the groom, and told him what was happening. Then we went into the town and found a few antique looking dress shops. However the dresses were all wrong. Some were way too colorful and others were way too plain, it was looking impossible to find the right one. Then I heard a deep voice from the corner shop, of a man who said, “I can help you, I’ve got wedding dresses that are perfect.” I ran over in excitement and knew that my time was really short and at this point I would pretty much take any dress he had, that fits. As I found the perfect one, he told me he would prepare it for me. He went on his computer and I heard him struggling and he seemed to be having trouble with the credit card system. Their internet connection was down and it was now not able to process the transaction. I asked him if I could just take it on credit, he surprised me when he said, alright it's very important that you have this dress so I’ll let you take it at no cost. I got the dress and was so grateful, then told my family, hurry let's go well do my hair on the way. As we arrived it was about an hour late, and there were still many people there, all sitting on the side walls on chairs around the garden area. There was a beautiful bouquet of red roses set in the front area on the left side of the entrance to the garden. I walked in and saw a turkey or some kind of bird pick up the flowers and began walking off with them. I ran after him, as if to tell him to put it down and come back silly bird, don’t mess up my beautiful garden. Then I stepped back into the garden and immediately I was taken into another location. It was a lake, there were many friends and cousins around me. I was swimming with them and we were doing some competitive sports in the water. My job was to make the water play look appealing to get everyone in the water. Once they were in, they all had so much fun! Those who had competitive spirits were easier to bring into the water, the ones that were hardest were the ones that would much rather relax and sit around. Then there were those with lots of distractions around them. I was hoping they would all join me and so I started to make the competition a bit more intense. More of them became enticed and were jumping in with all their clothing on and just removing the heaviest things like their jackets so they could swim. I started to get more helpers, as the ones that joined me in the water started to cheer for others to come into the water. Then my attention went into a boat that was a bit far off. Someone got into the boat and I was taken inside where I could see every motion they were doing, it's as though I was given eyes to see from their perspective. They were trying to maneuver a boat that they had never handled before. The boat was steering in the opposite direction that they moved the controls. So they were having a hard time staying out of harms way and began hitting lots of rocks. Until, eventually the speed picked up heavily and they crashed into a cove of rocks. The police came and got the individual and were ready to take them into a holding prison, they mentioned it was not his first offense but he was a repeat offender. They wanted to lock him up for good. However, everyone came out from the village and from the waters and began to petition the police, saying it was under their jurisdiction and that they had the ability to legally deal with this person first. So, instead of being prosecuted by the law, this person was given a huge grace card. It was almost unthinkable, but it gave the offender a second chance to walk into freedom and do things differently next time. I then invited that individual into the water. Interpretation: The beginning of my dream I became aware that the resort was a beautiful garden being prepared for the wedding day of all believers. Song of Songs 4:12 You are my private garden, my treasure, my bride, a secluded spring, a hidden fountain. However, I came to realize that the church was not yet prepared and there was a half an hour left until the wedding day. This emphasizes that there is a short time until our beloved return. No one knows the day nor the hour, however in my dream there was a focus on trying to get my wedding dress quickly. So when I finally found the dress, there was no way of paying for it, however the man at the counter allowed me to take the dress because he understood my need. In this same way Jesus paid a price that cost him everything so that we could receive a gift of grace and have a white dress ready for our wedding day. (Eccl 9:8) Rom 3:22- We are made right with God by placing our faith in Jesus Christ. And this is true for everyone who believes, no matter who we are. As I arrived an hour late to the wedding scene, I noticed that there were still guests, however there was a bit of disorder. The turkey in my dream I believe represented vanity, when a person becomes too focused on external beauty but is not striving deeply to keep on the white or righteousness of the Lord. It was also viewed as a distraction, we can become so busy with so many things and miss the things that really matter. Romans 7:35-I am saying this for your benefit, not to place restrictions on you. I want you to do whatever will help you serve the Lord best, with as few distractions as possible. The reality of not being able to see the wedding take place, due to the late arrival was very sad. I believe that this is representative of the virgins that did not have the oil that they needed at the time that their beloved came near so they were shut out of the wedding. Let us not become those virgins that miss our own wedding because we are not prepared, that will be a very sad day! Let us go and get the oil for our lamps. (Matthew 25:1-13) Then I was taken to a lake or body of water and was trying my best to bring others into the waters. I believe these waters were a symbol of the Holy Spirit who in the word is described as the living water. He is the helper who has been sent to fill us with power and increase our strength to serve and follow Jesus. The Rivers of living water is a representative of the Holy Spirit’s power being poured over all of Jesus' followers. John 4:13-14, John 7:37-39 I was trying to entice others to jump into the waters as they were very refreshing and they offered much joy! In this same way I believe as followers of Jesus we are to carry the wells of water to many around us and as we walk in the word God's beauty will be reflected to shine from our hearts. Lets bring many others into relationship so that they too have all the oil that they need for the final days. So that their lamps will be full as they prepare for the wedding feast. As all have been invited. (Matthew 22:1-14) Finally, let us not become filled with judgement against our brothers and sisters. In my dream I watched someone take a boat that did not belong to them and they could not even handle it’s power or maneuver its steering. Until they crashed into rocks, damaged the property and almost lost their lives. An entire community of believers came from the waters and began to petition for the thief's life, they asked if they could take him under grace and give him another chance instead of putting him away in prison. This is how good our father is, he would do anything to see us turn from our wicked ways before it becomes too late and we pass on to death. As the enemy came to still kill and destroy, Jesus came so that we may have life and have it in abundance.(John 10:10) So while we still have life in our lungs lets become grace filled and remember that at one point in our lives we were similar to that man driving an out of control in boats that didn't even belong to us, leading into a place of destruction. And instead of getting what we deserved we were offered grace, thus it is important to also forgive in that same manner as our father forgives us. (Luke 7:41-42) This grace will allow others that need to find their way to step into a relationship with their loving father in heaven. Let's pray for those who need the Lord and point them into a safe place where they too can find the water's edge and climb into a relationship with the King. (Matthew 6:9-14) Friends as we get closer to the coming of our beloved, Jesus, let us continue to prepare ourselves as Esther did in preparation for her King. Let us marinate in his presence and become brand new, so that we are able to truly rise up in this hour as we have been prepared for this moment and we can truly say, Perhaps we have been born for such a time as this. Let us pray and be ready to enter into our King's presence and petition for our brothers and sisters who also need to find him at this hour. The time of the wedding is near! (Read the book of Esther) Are you ready! The King is calling!

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