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The Lion of Judah Stands Over His Beloved!

October 5th 2019

After a couple days of fasting with an amazing partner this week, I dreamt on Monday the following dream. In my dream there were lions all around us all over the nation, they were hungry and ferocious! They were out prowling, seeking whom they could devour. Eating everyone and everything that came into their path. I came into a safe house or a hidden hut, that was a warehouse, as I entered into the house there was a front room where all the Saints or Christians were assembled to pray. They stood in a circle and prayed as they held hands, I joined them and we began to pray in the spirit. We were asking for mercy and protection among many other things. We were asking for help and for the Lord to rid the land of fear from the lions. We were Praying in fervency with all our hearts.

Then after a while of praying they sounded the alarm and told us the lions were near, for us to assume our positions, we all entered deeper into the safe house and began to hide within the inner rooms. We padded the doors and put things over the entryways for more weight, I had my husband covering windows and any areas that could be weaknesses. We noticed that as the lions got there they began attacking, they used all their strength to attempt to come to kill us. These lions were ravaging everything in sight, leaving no one alive that they got too, they were hungry. They had smelled blood and wanted more to eat.

I kept in sink with the voice of the Holy Spirit who kept giving us our next way out. He showed me an attic door and said go through there, so we moved quickly, and just when the lions were about to break in, we had already made our next escape. It continued this similar way through a series of different doors and escape paths.

The next room had a window which led out from the house and into an open field. I was prompted to move outside and go through the window so I told my husband let’s make our way out. As we were climbing out the window I looked outward and about 200 feet or so was another two lions that were huge and saw us coming out. They were on my left side and I looked over to the right side and I saw a Rhinoceros right beneath The Valley. It was a field as one in Africa but I knew we were in the US, I somehow knew that I needed to run towards it. I saw the lions prepare to launch towards us and we began to run for our lives towards the lower valley leading up into another hill.

A great wind came from behind us and it accelerated our feet to run faster than ever before, it was Supernatural. We were running so fast that we got to the clearing and came to the decision point of going up the hill, a few people met us there and said there’s another safe house up the hill. So I ran quickly inside and realized my husband was a bit behind, I had them hold the door just long enough to get us both in, with only enough time to run inside before the lions got there. We had to resume to our next positions before we could pray much, so we ran inside and alarms began to sound. The lions were there! Quickly I went straight into an open side corridor that had a latter which had great openings from top to bottom. Somehow feeling a bit exposed I continued to crawl through the space.

I was climbing the ladder when I caught a scent of a wild animal, I looked up fearfully and saw the most majestic wild Lion, with a mane that was so full and big. I knew that I could not escape this time, he was too close. As he looked down at me, his eyes were different, he had grace beyond my comprehension. He spoke through his eyes and told me, I have been with you all along, even when you didn’t know I was there. I knew he was steadfast and Loyal, this was my friend, he was protecting me and was not like any of the other little ravaging lions. I was completely overwhelmed by his love! I knew that my enemies had not been successful to get to me because I had been safe under the Roar of a much bigger Lion.

The Lion of Judah! He was so mighty, his right leg alone held so much power and strength! I’m still seeing him in my visions! Just so powerful! I just knew that He was Loyal and saw me through every hard point I had gone through, he had never left my side.

I woke up and was in prayer about this dream and began asking Holy Spirit for its meaning. I felt the Holy Spirit speaking these areas.

Im calling my intercessors into a much higher place in prayer for our nation. He said assemble the prayer warriors and Saints and begin to intercede for America. I felt the Lord saying this is a point of decision where my children much be praying all the time, the enemy has been raging and ravaging the land looking for openings so that he can destroy everything in his path, but God is saving those who will inquire of his plans to use them to change the outcome of this nation. He is calling us higher, to stand in prayer to ask for advance locations. To remain hidden in Christ as we intercede for our nation, it’s leaders, president and security. God is going to give us strategy against the plans of the enemy he is going to keep us a step ahead. He is also going to release his power and presence over our lives to outrun the enemy as we stay in sinc with the Holy Spirit!

We are going to come into face to face encounters with the radiant one, the most beautiful Lion of all. And as we do, He is going to reassure us that he is traveling along side of us through the journey and watching over us every step of the way! It is the Roar of the mighty Lion of Judah that shall be heard and resound over our lives and over our nation. Let us pray! Let us fast and let us put our eyes upon the King who is victorious! Lead us into great victory as a Nation under God! Awaken us to see what is happening in the heavenlies and to be in line with What The Holy spirit is asking of us in our intercessions and in each step we take.

(A prayer added today 4-7-20) Lord break apart the little lions who are coming in the forms of the Corona virus and bring your children under your shelter and fill them with the wisdom and presence of the true Lion of Judah‘s Roar. Help us to be used to put our the enemies plans. I pray this in Jesus name, Amen!

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