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The Power of Praise!

After leaving Egypt and seeing God’s hand deliver them through the Red Sea, the Israelite's came through the waters with a new Song, one of deliverance! They had seen the Power of God’s right arm at work in keeping them alive and bringing them through what seemed like an impossible journey. In their excitement they reflected their gratitude to the Lord in song. We read in Exodus 15, a song of triumph and praise! What song are you singing today? Are you giving God all the honor for rising you up out of your sleep this morning and releasing his breath into your lungs for a new day?

His surpassing love is seen all around us! It doesn’t take much searching to find it! As we look at the journey we’ve all had this far we can begin to see God’s hand at work! We can give emphasize to the following word 6 “Your right hand, O Lord, is glorious in power. Your right hand, O Lord, smashes the enemy.” Exodus ‭15:6‬ ‭NLT‬‬

It was not an easy task they were given, stepping out of the land where they had been enslaved for generations, sadly they had grown accustomed to being put down and suppressed, that coming out must have been extremely uncomfortable. God will call us at times out of our own comforts in order to bring us into deeper knowledge of his freedom! Are we willing to trust the leading of his Beautiful Holy spirit! He wants to draw us away from complacency, religious mindsets and watered down gospel, lacking power! Jesus wants to lead us into all freedom, and a new promise! As Moses listened and obeyed in faith he was able to release the wonder working Power of God’s word, which was demonstrated to all the earth in that time! I believe it was these pivotal moments that we can learn how to please God, as the Israelite's took notice, they gave praise with all their hearts. They entered into his Holy presence as he enveloped their people with his cloud and fire. He protected them as his love burned with an unquenchable fire for his beloved nation! After all we are encouraged to enter into his gates and courts with praise!

Rise up, Oh Sons and Daughters of God, become the worshipers that God has created you to be! Just as the prophet Miriam in Exodus 15:20 let out a new song, and danced with tambourines, let your new songs be lifted up unto the heavens. For as an incense arises and enters into the nostrils of our blessed King, May he find favor in our praise and may he release his storehouse of great blessings over our families! Let’s take back the world in great dance, adoration and praise! Let’s watch the hand of our father begin to lay out every crooked path and level it until it is made straight. let’s dance over the enemy with joy that is instrumentally carrying Mega Power Against the demonic realms. The Joy of the Lord is our strength! Neh 8:10. As we take time in prayer and intercession followed with Praise, We are going to continue to see the great cloud envelop us and the mighty fire burn with intensity so that all our enemies will take notice and be struck with fear. Child of God, the Lord is for you, he is with you and he goes with you wherever he sends you! His light is brightly shining over your life, and the world needs to see that our father is still inhabiting the praises of his children!

As Israel stepped out of the Red Sea they knew that they still had to walk through a long journey through the wilderness, where their faith would be tested, however they trusted in God! After their time of praise they came upon an oasis of Marah (which means bitter). Then the people complained and turned against Moses. How easily we can forget the blessings if we chose to spend time thinking and looking for the worst. We have got to protect our hearts from offense so that bitterness will not be the result of us falling into sin, not today Satan, get behind me! The mirage of media, news, and trials can bring us from a place of peace into a place of disunity and complaint! As Moses cried out to the Lord for help in Ex. 15:25 The Lord showed him a piece of wood, so Moses took it and threw it into the water and the water was made clean! The symbolism of the wood can represent the old rugged cross, that Jesus would later carry for our sins! As we allow that revelation of his sacrifice to become so intimate that it touches upon the waters of our own DNA, we can be fully washed and cleansed into a new man/woman. Becoming completely clean and having our purposes restored so that we can bring forth the fullness of the washing power of Gods word to others. As we lead others around us to learn how to cultivate an environment of praise, we will begin to see shifts take place all around our world. Let the washing glistening waters of Jesus word, become transforming and refreshing, bringing back to life every dead weight that tries to hold us back from reaching our promised land! We are meant to worship our King in Spirit and in Truth!

Let's get ready for a greater wave of Gods Glory, unlike ever seen before! Let us position and posture out hearts so that we can be a landing spot for the greatest awakening to flood through us and into all the earth! We say yes, to all of you Lord. Come forth and release your presence upon all of your children. Let us be found worshiping you with all of our strength. May our lives reflect the gratitude of a rescued generation that believes in the same power you released during the time of Exodus, and is able to partner in faith that it could happen again with a greater Power and demonstration that will shift things back to you. Bring us into a place of peace and rest as you put the enemy under the waters of your glistening seas. We are yours, called by your name. We worship you with all that is in us! Amen!

Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

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