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The Release of Territorial Blessings

Last night I had a dream that there was new territory being distributed by the Lord. In some cases lost territory being redistributed to individuals and families who had lost their blessings. I saw that there were families who were waiting and kind of sitting around who had been waiting for their provision to be released and they had been praying, some were nearing the end of their ability to wait, meaning they were getting ready to give up on what they had been praying for. When in my dream I felt the Holy Spirit say, "stand announce that they are getting their territories back and in some cases some are getting much more allotment than they even had before."

Their territories in my dream were symbolic of provision, health, blessings that had been stopped up and were needing God’s breakthrough. I was so excited to be able to witness such a powerful mass distribution of the produce of God’s territories handed down to his children. I felt so much joy and it was the anointing that I could sense that was bringing life back where there had been desolate soil in their lives. For some it was more obvious that they had much stolen from their lives, for others it was new influence and strategies that they were getting, all together it was increasing our land reserves individually and as a community. So that we can move together and have more ground to cover and bring many more into their rightful places in Christ.

Then nearing the end of my dream, I realized that the territories that were being handed out and the decrees were to be gifts, they were multiplying as the leaders were giving out. So I came to realize that some of the territories were not just for our own work and process, they were actual allotments for others around us, and as I freely gave out, the land was being multiplied. It was so freeing to give out so much of the blessing and it was bringing forth a large harvest around us to all that were hungry and all who had been waiting.

Unfortunately Some were missing it, because they were not in place and it made me really upset, when their plots were being re-assigned to others, I wanted them all to gain access to what God had originally planned for their lives. I really wanted them to wake up and take their rightful places. It was such a powerful dream.

May the territories and assignments go out to your people and may the blessing of the father rest upon their lives in Jesus mighty name. May they be awake and alert to receive what the father is releasing into their due inheritance so that their joy may be made full. Increase your people, God. I thank you for the dream and the manifestation of your Glory today and tomorrow and all the time. Amen!

~Audrey (Inspired by Holy Spirit, dream last night, about 4AM- 4/1/21)

Interpretation by Ann Clarke

As I read your vision I saw the anointing being imparted, would flow out like oil into the territory given. As each person acts by faith to take and enforce the kingdom of God, the anointing will spread out! It will flow into more areas and break through barriers the enemy has had in place!

Isaiah 10:27, yokes destroyed that controlled territory and demonic burdens lifted, causing supernatural victories. It will be like spilling a bottle of olive oil, the more you wipe the further it spreads!

Corporate victories!

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