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Wisdom Speaks (10-19-21)

Last night was an incredible time of prayer and impartation. It was after receiving prayer from the Prophet Daren as he declared that we were going to have radical dreams that I felt God‘s fire all around my head, hands and eyes. I got home and went to sleep and had a very interesting dream.

In my dream I was a missionary walking through the mountain roads ministering the word of Jesus, as He is life and truth. I came to a house that was very unique, which was on top of a hill in a very interesting setting. It was surrounded by breathtaking green foliage, and children were running outside, as they play around the property. There was an intersection road just above the path and I could see traffic moving rather quickly, we had to ask the children to play away from the busy road. It was a hidden house amid the busy environment. There were houses attached to this cottage and community was easy to come by since it was a home which had lots of life and workers. From the outside it appeared small but in the inside were many treasures and rooms.

I was invited into the home to rest and was completely amazed by the extravagant interior, the furniture and decor were almost regal. I walked around in great adventure mode, there were so many rooms in this home to explore. I looked above the mantle of the living area and large photos of families were displayed hanging from the wall. I kept thinking about how those photos were so large, even framed, I wondered how they managed to create them. Every family picture had so much joy displayed as if they were all living their best life yet. They were all a part of something bigger, a larger family. The love and warmth that I could feel as I stepped into that room was an encompassing feeling of belonging.

I noticed that the home had its own facilities inside for every need a person could have. I saw a beauty parlor, cosmetology room, hair dresser, nail salon, full spa, sports center and everything you could imagine. It was incredible to see that it was fully staffed and ready at all times to service the families living there, and how easy it made it for all to live in such a manner. Everyone there was always happy and it created an environment that made me feel completely at home. They were inviting me to be taken care of and I was a joyful receiver ready to be cared for.

I then stepped outside and noticed that they had two amazing fountains. One seemed hand made and was skillful and had beautiful rocks placed around it, the water inside moved with the wind as massive waves were created. Then I walked to the lower part of the garden taking in the sites, noticing the trail had been designed by a master gardener who placed such care in placing every flower and plant just in the right place and position tor the sun to shine and paint a bright picture. The second pond in the lower region was not so much man made, it was a glistening bay of water that shown with colors that were spectacular. I could have sat there all day on the wooden bench next to the calm waters as I lay back to rest I could feel the mist touching my skin and refreshing every part of my body. It was an inner healing and an awareness that God was in that place He had designed it all for my heart to enjoy. I was resting in his architectural bliss.

Then I heard a voice coming from the forest. I stood up and got closer to the side area of trees, facing the covered hills. I heard the voice of a wise woman, who sounded like a very familiar voice. I leaned my whole body in to hear her speak. But the busyness of life was getting in the way from hearing her clearly. Trees began to move really fast, but her voice stayed constant. I had to gain focus on just her voice and silence out the movement around her, then with enough concentration everything became silent and I was able to hear her loud and clear. It was the voice of Wisdom! I recognized her, man did she carry authority and peace. It’s like an echo that I can’t get out of my mind this morning as I weep with tears of gladness. I had been praying for months to receive clear wisdom.

She began to impart great revelations over my heart. She let me know that somethings have not been obtained due to man’s expectations of what they think God is like. She told me all these things that God has created for his sons and daughters, are very present to be received by the right heart. And false humility is pushing back and making things unattainable when God has simply gifted blessings to all those he loves. As Jesus released the revelation of all who seek the kingdom of God and His righteousness that all these things shall be added unto their lives. It’s the vision behind the pictures or images that he spoke of to my heart. If our father owns everything and creates beautiful things how much of those things are we receiving because we just say thank you father for all the peace and all the provision you’ve designed for my family to step into. I receive it with open arms! I pray that God in all his love and radical breakthrough would release us of any mindset that would resist His blessings. He wants to be our provider and he wants to blanket us with his love and graciousness!

After receiving his gifts in my dream I was led as a missionary out to the field and still walking in his love He illuminated a path into dark places to minister his great light. He led me right into a large bar filled with people seeking comfort by drowning their sorrows in alcohol. I went straight in and went to the bottom of that lounge where the bar tender was making her drinks, I entered her space and she declared your too close, I then spoke of the love of Jesus over her. I asked her to mix me a drink of the virgin kind and she felt special that I would enter in to dine with her, I offered her food that was nourishing made of comfort by the spirit, whole and it brought her life. The leading of the Holy Spirit showed me how changing one person by love began to shift an entire place. It was one Samaritan woman after all that ran to a whole town to tell them of the man who they must all know. This woman opened the door for me to meet many others who had been oppressed and chained to a vacant lifeless pit. I felt His light transforming everything in that once dark place!

What an awesome God we serve! May His wisdom come over you today and May you encounter the promises that He is speaking over your life in the wonderful name of Jesus Christ! Amen!

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